Brandywine Realty Trust

Spanning two decades of smart, sustained growth, Brandywine has set precedents for creativity in real estate—anticipating the future and delivering first-class solutions. We've evolved from initial ownership of four office buildings to now managing, leasing, and delivering some of the nation's most remarkable properties, inclusive of over $2 billion in successful development. Our mission remains to design, create, and maintain extraordinary working environments for our clients, tenants, and employees that reflect or high standards and uncompromising commitment to excellence.

Drexel University

Founded in 1891, Drexel is a comprehensive global research university ranked among the top 100 in the nation. With approximately 26,000 students, Drexel is one of America's 15 largest private universities.

Drexel has built its global reputation on core achievements that include leadership in experiential learning through Drexel Co-op, a history of academic technology first, and recognition as a model of best practices in translational, use-inspired research.

Drexel is one of Philadelphia's top 10 private employers, and a major engine for economic development in the region. Drexel has committed to being the nation's most civically engaged university, with community partnerships integrated into every aspect of service and academics.