The Development: Schuylkill Yards

Something Special is Happening Here

6.5 Acres

Building upon our country’s historic values of invention, equity, entrepreneurship, and courage, we’re introducing a new chapter for Philadelphia. Here, 14 acres adjacent to Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station are transforming right before our eyes, creating a neighborhood of vibrant parks, lifestyle experiences, life sciences space, and workspaces, all intentionally designed for connectivity, productivity, and happiness. This is a place where people are truly connected with the community, and where visionary brands unite with driven, entrepreneurial-minded people. This place is designed for people, by the people who get it—where the world’s best architects, engineers, planners, and designers are coming together to create a special type of place that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world.

Site Plan

Site plan for Schuylkill Yards

Context Map

Context map for Schuylkill Yards