Drone shot of University City on a sunny day

Our Community: University City

A Magnet for Talent and Ambition

Our neighborhood connects Center City’s established business district with University City’s renowned academic core, so it just got easier to recruit the nation's best and brightest. This is where the risk-takers, boundary-pushers, and forward-thinkers choose to set down roots. We have a global perspective, but we all speak the same language: We can. We. will. Let’s do it. We are committed to making big changes, and together, we are driving key advances in life sciences, technology and business.

Our Neighborhood by the Numbers

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We don’t just work here. We eat here, live here, play here, and shop here. Whether we’re running errands during the work day, entertaining guests after hours, or meeting friends for drinks, this neighborhood has the convenience, culture, and experiences to keep us happy, engaged, and entertained.

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